about The Airvel Marketplace

Airvel provides a simple, transparent marketplace for aircraft owners and operators across the country who want to reach more customers so that they can book more flights/ grow their business.

  • Airvel puts your aircraft in front of qualified leads across the country, so you can book more charter flights

  • Airvel helps you book more revenue- generating charter flights so you can grow your business


Airvel uses intelligent, real-time technology to match operators who have available planes with people who want to plan an extraordinary travel experience.

Airvel Connect For Operators - Coming Soon!

Airvel Connect will help you manage and market your aircraft like never before. Designed specifically for operators, it simplifies the process of listing aircraft, booking charters and measuring the performance of your fleet. Airvel Connect includes all the analytics and tools you’ll need to make smart decisions on how to manage and market your aircraft and grow your business.



By connecting your Airplane Manager account to the Airvel Marketplace we can enhance the marketability of your Aircraft to our customers by:

  • An improved understanding of aircraft availability

  • Ability to include transient and empty legs in our marketplace

  • More accurate pricing based off your profile

  • Prioritized listings in search results

Click here for instructions on how to enable the Airvel Marketplace in Airplane Manager


Find out more about Airvel Connect for Operators

Looking for more control over your marketplace presence, including empty legs, aircraft profile management and marketplace analytics? We’re getting ready to launch our Airvel Connect for Operators platform soon - it’s designed to put you in control of how your aircraft are marketed in the Airvel Marketplace.

You can let us know your interest by filling out the email form.

Once we have your information, a member of the Airvel team will reach out to you to let you know what we’re planning with Airvel Connect for Operators and timescales of when it’ll be releasing.

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Only Trusted, Qualified Part 135 Operators

Airvel is open only to trusted, qualified operators who meet our strict standards.

ARGUS Platinum and Gold Ratings

Wyvern Safety Check

Minimum insurance requirements

Full-time pilots (2 pilots required)