Enable your Airplane Manager account for use with the Airvel Marketplace


Benefits of enabling Airvel with Airplane Manager

By connecting your Airplane Manager account to the Airvel Marketplace we can enhance the marketability of your Aircraft to our customers by:

  • An improved understanding of aircraft availability

  • Ability to include transient and empty legs in our marketplace

  • More accurate pricing based off your profile

  • Prioritized listings in search results

To turn on you need to browse to the following location in Airplane Manager:

Login > Charter > Marketing > Third Party Apps >    Click Airvel Selector

Login > Charter > Marketing > Third Party Apps > Click Airvel Selector

To Enable Airvel within Airplane Manager:

  • Once logged in navigate to Admin area then from the navigation on the left select Charter

  • A new menu will drop down and from there simply select Marketing and a marketing menu will appear on the right hand side

  • Select Third Party Apps then you should see a list of apps that you can click and make sure Airvel is turned on!

Once you have Airvel enabled in Airplane Manager, you’ll want to select which aircraft you wish to share data with us for. You can do that by going to Charter > Marketing > Aircraft

From here to take full advantage of the Airvel marketplace for your fleet, please ensure that you keep your transient data up to date by going to: Charter > Marketing > Transients

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That’s it, from there we’ll do the work to make sure that your listings in the Airvel Marketplace are working correctly. Once you have completed these steps and we launch our updated marketplace, your aircraft will be searchable with increased availability, transient and your defined pricing profile.


Looking for more control over your marketplace presence, including empty legs, aircraft profile management and marketplace analytics?

We’re getting ready to launch our Airvel Connect for Operators platform soon - it’s designed to put you in control of how your aircraft are marketed in the Airvel Marketplace.

You can let us know your interest by filling out the email form.

Once we have your information, a member of the Airvel team will reach out to you to let you know what we’re planning with Airvel Connect for Operators and timescales of when it’ll be releasing.