Features Overview

Airvel’s Smart Search engine makes it easy for new customers to find flights to 100,000+ concerts, sporting events and destinations perfect for private air travel as well as an aircraft that fits their travel plans.


Events & Destinations

Airvel’s flight search will highlight availability of events within 400 miles of their search location. In addition to events, Airvel will also show destination partners -- such as hunting lodges, resorts, spas and more -- that are not easy accessible by commercial air.

Immediate Pricing for Easy Comparison

Customers will see estimated pricing based on the distance of their trip, so they can compare different private charters and the value versus commercial. Airvel’s search results are immediate and available 24/7 on desktop computers and mobile devices without any membership fee.


A Better Process for Operators and Customers

Explore how Airvel’s process works from beginning to end.


Airvel has a database of all aircraft for Part 135 operators directly from the FAA. Operators can add planes to the marketplace and set pricing in minutes. Airvel integrates easily with Airplane Manager and FOS to know exact availability of your entire fleet.


Customers search for available planes online and in real time. They then request to book a single aircraft from the search results since Airvel has already done the hard work for finding available aircraft and estimating the cost. This is a massive improvement from customers or brokers sending blanket requests to a dozen or more operators.


Operators final say on any request to book. Airvel will notify the operator that a request is waiting as well as the estimated price quoted to the customer. The operator will be able to approve the request, modify it with additional fees, if necessary, or decline it.


Customers will accept the final quote from the operator. Airvel will notify the operator to reserve the plane for the selected date.

Everything Customers Need in One Place

Airvel’s unique Trip Page organizes everything that customers need into one place, including trip itinerary, regional airports (with Google Maps), aircraft details and more.

Gone are the days of sending PDFs or faxes. The customer organizing the flight can share the Trip page via email with other passengers so everyone knows all the trip details and where to be when.

Through the Trip Page, customers can also make arrangements for hotels, transportation, catering, golf club shipping, etc. they need to make their trip enjoyable.